Sunday, June 1, 2008


So often we see anger, violence and fighting in this country, which made our visit to Biwat yesterday all the more beautiful. We (along with the Wildeboers) were invited to attend a reconciliation “ceremony” in the Biwat settlement. One of our church members has been at odds with his younger brother. The fall out happened a few years back and ended in much anger and the younger brother doing some pretty nasty and destructive things to this family. The member of our church wanted to reconcile a while back, but the younger brother refused. So, as the wife of the older brother said, “we continued to pray for reconciliation and we left it with the Lord.”
Well the Lord heard their prayers and yesterday we saw the emotional reconciliation unfold. A community leader was called in to lead the proceedings and the extended family stood around in a circle holding hands as the younger brother openly spoke about his wrongs and apologized for them. Then the older brother agreed that they accepted the apology, and prayer followed. Then it was time for hugs and handshakes and we got to share in that too! After this a big meal was held together (which they had all spent many hours preparing) and we got to share lots of that too. Yum! Rice cooked in coconut milk with greens, chicken, cooking bananas, kaukau and taro. Pretty soon after we ate we headed on home, just before night fell! It was a moving afternoon and wonderful to see. Good to know, too, that these brothers will finally be talking and sharing together again!

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