Friday, June 27, 2008

End of school term and Lae "sights"

Gold Award Pizza Party

So today marked the end of the girl's second term at TISOL (The International School of Lae). On Wednesday we were allowed to attend a Pizza Party at school to celebrate with all the students who had received Gold Awards (about 15 students all up). Kirilee and Shiana both were blessed to receive these awards, so they were both there at the party. All parents of Gold Award recipiants were invited to attend. It was a nice afternoon, although in true PNG style the Pizzas arrived some 45 minutes late!

Now about those Lae "sights". This morning we were driving around in town only to notice a haggard looking dog running on the side of the road. Now, sad looking dogs on the side of the road are not an uncommon sight here, but this poor dog was more than just sad looking. The poor thing had been badly injured and he was hobbling along with a large part of his innards hanging out. It was rather disturbing to see...but not as disturbing as our afternoon "sights".

This afternoon we were on our way to the end of term assembly at the girl's school. We were driving near the local hospital when suddenly a man dropped to the ground landing terribly on his neck (he looked dead, but we are not sure how he fared. He would have had terrible injuries though we presume, judging by the way he landed on his neck), right next to the bus travelling directly in front of us. Initially I thought that the bus must have hit him, so I told Andrew not to stop. Sounds terrible doesn't it? However, often if someone is hit (even accidentally) by a vehicle a big fight occurs and I didn't want to be there for that. Also, the accident occured right in front of the hospital, so I knew he could get medical help immediately without our help.

On reflection, and after looking back at the bus, it appears that instead he fell/tripped/was pushed (???) out of the open door of the bus while it was still travelling and fell terribly onto his head and neck. Here in Lae the buses are virtually always crowded and people are often hanging on for dear life in open doorways while travelling. It was only the other day when I saw a crowded bus, with people hanging in the doorway, going through some potholes that I wondered how it was that they managed not to fall out of the door.

Anyway, it was a rather disturbing thing to see, and especially because you know that with added safety on the roads here, such things would be easily avoided. Some days just seem to go by uneventfully, but it does seem that many days have there fair share of events to dwell upon..

Here's some other pictures:

Shiana getting ready to paint

Ashlyn filling up the paints

Story time with Dad


Anonymous said...

Well done, girls! Yiu must be very happy to both have received awards!

Love from Grandpa & Grandma


Congratulations to the girls and hope you all enjoyed the pizza even if it took a little while:)

Just reading through your last few posts as well makes me also stop and think and consider slowing down and smelling the roses some more, but be xontend with today...because we dont know what's in store for us tomorrow.......Be happy with little or much, God will provide for us all what when need and has also protected your family and family Wildeboer in your time in Lae...
I know it has comes with sickness and concerns in both families, but God keeps you by His side and may He continue to care for you all.
God bless you all.