Friday, June 20, 2008


Somtimes I just get such a feeling of being closed in here in Lae. I just feel like breaking free and walking up the road, to a beach, to a park, anywhere really, just to walk. Then I dream of putting Ashlyn in a stroller and taking her for a wonderful morning in a park, and then my mind starts to romanticize and I imagine gentle breezes and gorgeous sunshine (that is, just pleasant, not too hot - a beautiful Canadian spring day, when the trees are just budding again and the heavy coats and snowboots can be tossed into the cupboard for another season!) Then I imagine children swinging on swings and laughter and fun, or walks on the beach with clean, white Albany sand squishing through my toes, and the whales and dolphins frolicking in the water nearby (yeah right, like how often did that happen???) ....and by about this time I have to stop myself and say: "wake up, woman!" The thing is that when we lived in Australia or Canada and I had heaps of opportunity to walk, most of the time just didn't. And then there was plenty of opportunity to go to a park, but life was busy there too, and the weather wasn't always perfect!

But sometimes here, when that lifestyle just isn't a possibility it makes me dream a little, wish a little...and eventually just get over it and be thankful for my many blessings. I have a wonderful husband, three beautiful children, a great house, a reliable car, clothes, an abundance of food. I only have to drive briefly out of our compound to be reminded that many of these blessings are not common to most of the people around us.

And then there is the greatest blessing of all...and the great thing about this blessing is that it does not descriminate between culture, race, or gender...Salvation in Jesus Christ! And remembering your blessings tends to put a positive spin on everything.


Anonymous said...

We all need to stop ourselves every now and then (wherever we are) and count our many blessings. God is indeed so great to us and salvation in Christ is the greatest gift of all.
Loved the last photo of the three girls!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew and Nat!

Loved your last blog Nat. So true. We have so much to be thankful for. Thinking of you and praying for you.

Tim and Tonya

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat, Can understand your thoughts but it never does anybody any good thinking about things they can't have does it? Wherever we are it is good for us all to sit back and look at our lives and count the many blessings. May God give you strength in all your ups and downs. Praying for you all.
Luv Sandra

HH said...

No matter where we are or what circumstance God puts our lives in, we have blessings. Such a rich comfort. Even when we feel so low, we have blessings. I can understand that sometimes your mind must wander and remember certain things you could always do, or places you could go. One thing is for sure, no matter where we are all stationed, our God is with us and that's the greatest blessing of all. Thinking of you all xx

P & C said...

Hallo from way downunder.
About time I "comment" again, or you'll think we don't read your blogs! Far from it...we check every day to see if here is any more for us to "fret" about. But mostly we can give thanks for how well you all cope, knowing that our Father gives you the strength to do so.

(Glad you think our son's OK, but so are you!)

P & C