Monday, May 19, 2008

volunteers and ears

...even thought they rhyme, the two parts of the title have nothing to do with one another.

The first one is good the second is not. Yes, we have volunteers here from Australia at the moment. There was 5 of them but now the number is down to 4 as one returned home early due to health concerns. It has been wonderful to have some new people around. They have done, and are still doing some amazing work. They concreted the floor of the Kamkumung church and are now working on a room for one of our elderly members (under the manse). They are also doing some other bits and pieces. As far as we can tell they are having a great time. Apart from work they have been experiencing many new things, getting to know the locals and enjoying many other experiences. Here's some pics:

Working on that floor

Korinda and Andrea came to the literacy course and helped out (as best as they could without knowing the language!)

On Saturday Andrew took the volunteers for a pretty drive and also to a village to get a bit of a taste of village life. Here Andrea is practicing peeling cooking bananas!

And then there's the ears. Ashlyn has been suffering from yet another ear infection (wakeful nights and grumpy child who yells when anyone even gets near her ear), but thankfully the antibiotics seem to be working and she is doing much better. Her Dad, however, is a different story. Andrew had an ear infection which caused his ear drum to burst and then a boil resulted inside his ear, and then he got fevers and pains all over his body and a very swollen ear lobe and around his ear on the side of his face. You can kind of see it on the picture below, but it is a lot redder in real life. I think the flash changed the colouring. Anyway, he went to the doc this morning and got an injection and is on antibiotics (strong ones). The doc is worried about the burst boil draining fluid into the now perfurated ear drum - tomorrow he will go in for another injection. Meanwhile, I need to try and stop him running around everywhere, instead of giving the infection a chance to heal.

And the last pic is the cutest. Ashlyn went up to Julie today and asked her to braid her hair. Julie obliged and this is how I found them on my kitchen floor. Cute hey!!


HH said...

hey nat,
enjoy the visitors while they are with you. make the most of it.
that ear sure looks sore from andrew. hopefully those antibiotics will clear that up real quick. ouch!
so cute that ashlyn feels so comfortable laying in julie's lap like that.

Kevin & Amy said...

Ooooo, that ear looks awful! How is Andrew's eye doing? I wish you much success in trying to make him rest:) Must be really hard when you have the work crew there and are trying to get a lot done. Enjoy your company! Hope Ashlyn gets better soon. All three of my babies have ear infections right now too. NOT FUN!