Thursday, May 29, 2008

some brightness!

Had a great time at the literacy course today. I left the class on a bit of a high, which felt good! One of the ladies that is struggling to make progress, actually appeared to be making real progress today. I pointed to various pictures and she was able to point to the letter which marked the first sound of each picture. It was only using three letters, but this is a big step for her. She has been getting so frustrated and discouraged, especially since some of the other ladies are streets ahead of her, but judging by the smile on her face today, she got a real boost. Hopefully this will be the start of her "catching on". Another lady, however, who joined us late is still struggling majorly. Watching the first lady appear to catch on to some things today, gives me hope that she too will catch on in due time.

Then there are some of the other ladies who continue to do really well. They are also encouraging. And then there is Gami, a lady who comes almost every week to help me out. I am so thankful for her commitment and dedication. She is always willing to help students that are struggling, to do some extra work with some students where it is needed. What a blessing she is!

Anyhow, thought I would just share the days joys with you all.

BTW, Andrew went back to the dr on Tuesday morning as his ear was getting sore again and the other ear was sore as well. I told him that he was not allowed to wait another day before going back, and given the way his ear turned out last time, he did not argue. Turns out the bad ear is still infected and an infection was creeping inside the other ear too! So back on the antibiotics and he's doing okay. Doesn't feel 100% but good enough to do work as per normal...



Hi Andrew, Natalie and family,
love reading your blog and admire your regular posts.
We realise that alot goes on where you are and in more recent months quite a bit.
Nice that you could have familar faces and volunteers your way to make the sun shine a bit thatn normal:)
May God continue to be with you all and especially with Andrews infections.
Take God and continue to stay near to Him and rely on Him for recovery and strength to do your task in Lae. In our thoughts and prayers, Hilbert & Jen


'a bit more than normal' i meant to say, you may have gathered:)

Kevin & Amy said...

So glad you got that boost today, Natalie:)

Sorry to hear about Andrew's ears! We will pray for fast healing.

HH said...

It's always nice to see progress. Then you can see fruits of your labours! Keep it up, your doing a fantastic job with those ladies.
Sorry to hear about Andrew's infections. Hopefully this next round of antibiotics will clear it up. All things are in God's hand.

Bruce and Sarah said...

Hi Natalie,
It's good to read a positive post, and to hear that your literacy course is going well. May God continue to bless the progress there, and also Andrew with the health he needs.
Sarah Huizinga