Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just a short update

The volunteers are leaving tomorrow. They have done great work and the people here are so grateful. As they leave we welcome Uncle Hans and Aunty Margaret (a brother of my Dad) who are currently in Port Morseby visiting Wayne and Cheronne (Cheronne is their daughter!). They are coming to Lae just for the weekend to visit us and the Wildeboers. It will be wonderful to have them here for a few days and we are thankful that they will make the extra flight to see us all.

I thought I would just update you on a few other things too. Andrew's infected ear is doing much better for which we are thankful. It is still slightly swollen and sometimes is a little bit painful, but overall it is doing well. Some people have also asked about Andrew's eye...that is doing fine now. We contacted some specialists in Australia and they felt that because the pain was gone and his sight was good, there was no urgency for an appointment to look at his corneal scar. So we are very thankful for that too!

Anyway, Ashlyn is grumpy and needs her bed. I was thinking about posting a few more photos, but maybe next time...

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Anonymous said...

hi Andrew and Nat, we hope and pray that all things are ok with you all, ears ect . we try to keep up to date via your blog . please say hello to uncle Hans and auntie Margeret . we pray that god will continue to bless your work in PNG
uncle John & auntie Johanna