Monday, April 21, 2008

We’re back! Last Monday we drove to Ukarumpa, an SIL base in the Highlands, for a combined doctor’s check-up for Andrew’s eye and a short break…
I’ll talk about the doctor’s visit first and then the fun stuff we did! Andrew’s doctor’s visit did not go as well as we hoped. Andrew thought his eye was close to normal again, but apparently he still has a large scar across the centre of his eye. The doctor wants him to somehow communicate with an Ophthalmologist in Australia to find out if we need to visit a specialist in Australia soon or if it can wait till the end of the year (during our scheduled return). We are working on finding that out at the moment. It was a little disappointing but we pray that we can soon figure out what we should do from here…
Apart from the doctor’s visit we made lots of happy visits with friends we have there in Ukarumpa, many from our almost 4 month long cultural/language training course we did in Madang when we first arrived in PNG, and also with a family who we got to know here in Lae while they looked after the SIL guesthouse here for a few months. We had a great time of fellowship with many of them and on Friday night one of our POC families organised a small BBQ kind of for a reunion for all the POC staff and students who were in Ukarumpa, since we were there as well. That was fun too. The girls really enjoyed all the interaction with Christian girls their own age and culture.
I’ll try and post lots of photos here as they make a blog much more interesting!

Dinner with Kym and Tristan Craven - they were on staff while we were at POC

Our girls with the four Craven Girls

Dinner with the Howards - here the girls are eating dessert with their friends they met in Lae, Katie and Melissa

Dinner on Friday night with POC friends.

The SIL guesthouse

One bridge we had to cross which looked a bit wonky. It was - it has been out for a number of weeks and is just hanging in there - we got over it thankfully!

Above: The awesome scenery on our return trip - evidence of our Awesome God. Who could not believe in our God after witnessing such beauty??

And a couple of unsavoury things occurred in our household while we were gone: Firstly, our haus meri (home help) was robbed at knifepoint of her bilum (bag) with the wages I left for her, just outside our compound’s gate as she was leaving work, and our house flooded too. We have a huge drain in front of our house (we are downhill from it) and sometimes during a big rain it gets blocked. If the gardener doesn’t get the blockage unblocked quick enough it will overflow and the front of our house becomes a raging torrent. If it goes on long enough it seeps under our door and into our house. Thankfully our floors are tiled, and also we are prepared for this so we lift all electrical cords and appliances off the ground before we go away for long periods of time. But it still makes a mess and is smelly. (Thankfully our wonderful haus meri had it cleaned up before we returned. Last time it happened we were cleaning it up till all hours of the night!)

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Hi all,
Natalie its great how you update of your happenings and life in Lae. I am sure so many who show an interest in your blog updates really do appreciate it.
We can see from ready your last few weeks that God continues to care for you all. We commend you all and especially Andrew as well in the recovery of his eye injury. Hope that it heals on its own that you dont have to make the big trip back to Australia at the moment to have it seen to by a specialist here. But we know that you are all in Fathers Hands. Its lovely to see how the children too look so happy and i am sure you have a lot to do with that! Take care and you are remembered in our thoughts and prayers. Regards Hilbert & Jen