Friday, April 11, 2008


How we were struck by God's amazing providence today. On Monday we plan to go for a 3 1/2 hour drive to Ukarumpa for a break. However, today as we were driving around in our car we noticed a strange sound and wierd movement in the car. I looked out the window and saw the back wheel looking really bad in the way it was moving. We were right near Boroko Motors (a mechanic/car yard/tyre sales place), so we drove straight in. The back wheel was almost off the car. If we had travelled at high speeds (as we will be on the way to U), there is no doubt it would have come off and we probably would have thus been in a terrible accident.

So what was the problem? Recently the wheels on our car were changed by a mechanic near our place (not Boroko motors). Apparently they put the wrong nuts on the wheels which were unable to be tightened properly. This means that they did not tighten them well, and hence the wheels were able to fall off. And with all the potholes and bumps in Lae it didn't take much. Simple human error which could have such terrible consequences.

As the girls were complaining about waiting around for all the nuts to be changed, I reminded them how thankful we should actually be. The Lord was caring for us. In his perfect timing he allowed us to discover the problem, thus averting a terrible accident. Just a "small" thing like this reminds us how every step (or drive) we take is so in the Lord's hands. Thank God he is in control!

We had Nadia and the kids over for dinner tonight as Andrew and Ian have been involved in meetings all afternoon and are still there tonight. They are often out at night and often quite early (sometimes around dinner time), so it was nice to do something different!

Today we have had lots of rain. It's starting to make me realise that the rainy season is coming. It is cooler, but oh so wet, and humid. It's in the rainy season that nothing dries, and washing sits for days on racks and eventually gets put in the cupboard still feeling damp. It's in the rainy season that you climb into bed at night only to feel like your sheets are wet...mmm... but at least its cooler and I can do some things without actually sweating. The themometer in the room tells me we are now down to 26.8 degrees Celcius - and I am actually feeling rather everything is so relative!

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