Thursday, April 3, 2008


Kirilee's birthday today - 9 already. Where did that time go?? We are so thankful that our Heavenly Father has been with her all these 9 years. Thought I would just post a few pics. She hopes to have a party with some school friends on Saturday, but today we had the Wildeboers (Karlyn is on the last picture) over for some cheesecake (a pkt I took from Australia and saved for a special day!). Kirilee's favourite present is her guitar. She really wants to learn it so we'll see how she goes....

Had another literacy class today. We are still plodding along and we are progressing. Two of the women are struggling a bit, but we're not giving up yet. They are such a great bunch of women altogether and I so love teaching them. We have a great time.

Andrew just walked in back from a meeting and fellowship at Tent Siti (left at 5:45pm), so I guess I will get off this blog and make a drink. Goodnight.


Kevin & Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Kirilee! Have fun learning to play your new guitar:) May God continue to bless you in your exciting and sometimes difficult life in PNG!

Allan and Alice Buist/Plug said...

She sure is a pretty girl! Happy birthday from us over in Canada (I don't know if Kirilee remembers us!)
Allan, Alice, Jacoba, Jonah, Simon, and Allie

HH said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday, Kirilee!
She is becoming a young lady, love the wavy hair.
I'm sure she will have much pleasure out of that guitar, I've heard it's one of the hardest instruments to learn.
Do you want more of those cheesecakes? I can organise that for you if you like.