Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday in Tent Siti

Our cheeky Ashlyn on Sunday Morning

Remember I told a story a few weeks ago about the death of a nephew of one of the members of our church in Tent Siti? Well, the body has been at the morgue ever since simply because the family was trying to get money together to transport the body back to his village to be buried. However, on Saturday they arrived at our compound bright and early to say that they were going to bury the body here in Lae as they could not get the money together. So Andrew transported the body in a simple plywood coffin from the morgue to Tent Siti where it would spend the night before the burial on Sunday. As they travelled along and neared Tent Siti more and more mourners jumped on the back of the ute (or truck for the Canadians….). Then on Sunday afternoon at 3pm, Andrew and Ian went out again to Tent Siti, this time to pick the body up and transport it to the cemetery where they also stayed for the burial which was lead by the national pastor at Tent Siti.

It was a busy Sunday. In the morning our family went to Tent Siti at about 9 am. It was the first time we (our family) had been there to worship in the new church building, and the second Sunday which they used the church building for worship. There were a number of newcomers (a break-off from the Lutheran Church) who came to join us. Because of this we had a bit of a welcome lunch afterwards with these people. As I have mentioned before, the Tent Siti group have been going through a rough time (Satan is busy trying to destroy Christ’s handiwork), so we pray that this congregation may grow in number but especially in faith and spiritual vitality. We arrived home after the service just before 2pm and had about half an hour to cool down and rest before Andrew and Ian left for the burial.

Here are some pictures from our Sunday:
The new Church Building

A mother and her three sleeping children after the service

A girl enjoying her meal

Talking after the meal

Sunday School singing

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