Thursday, March 6, 2008

oh the things we take for granted

Oh the things we take for granted….as I stand at the front of the class and try and break words into syllables by clapping to show the breakup, as I teach the letter p and a (the “a” only has one sound in Tok Pisin – the “a” is like "a" at the end of the English word umbrella) and go over the sound again and again in many different ways, and then ask one of the ladies again the sound of one of them and she has absolutely no idea…I just think, “how wonderful to be brought up in a literate household where from day one our children are exposed to books and words and sounds”. Just imagine I could not read, to myself or to my children. Unbelievable. What a blessing to know how to read and write.
But… we got there in the end. The lesson was slower than expected but by the end of it all the ladies knew the two sounds and could form them into the word “papa”. So there is progress which is very exciting, but now I just need patience to match my excitement…mmm…
I just thought I would post some photos I took this afternoon of the girls, but my connection died halfway while uploading them, so maybe I will try tomorrow. We had an early supper/tea/dinner (whatever you want to call it depending where you live!!) as Andrew is at Tent City tonight to do a Bible study fellowship, so while it was still light outside we went out and got some snaps after Andrew left.

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HH said...

It's amazing what we take for granted until your faced with a situation which makes you take a step back. To read and write is just normal part of life for us. I can only imagine the excitement you feel bubbling when something tweaks.