Tuesday, March 4, 2008

a morning at home

Well, I am supposed to be at Bible Study right now with the ladies from Kamkumung and Biwat, but I am not…instead I am at home with Kirilee home from school. She was already sick on Sunday night. Ashlyn has been unwell too, complaining of a sore ear and awake a lot in the nights… Sunday night was lots of fun with Shiana awake because of the thunderstorm, Ashlyn with a sore ear, and Kirilee with high fever, headaches and nausea (she vomited in the wee hours of the morning!!) Anyway, since I wanted to bring Ashlyn to the doc to get antibiotics for what I was pretty sure was an ear infection, I figured I may as well bring Kirilee along as well. Because of her high fever and headaches they decided to do a malaria blood slide (standard over here with such symptoms) but thankfully it came back negative (I didn’t really think she had malaria but you can’t be too careful). However, they said that her blood showed the presence of some infection so she is on antibiotics too (not too sure about that one, but anyway, we’ll see….). Ashlyn is on antibiotics again, this time for her ear infection… Anyway, they are both on the mend it seems and last night Kirilee slept pretty well although Ashlyn was a bit restless and in pain after about 2 am… Whenever our kids are sick, I am so grateful that we have the means to go to the doctor and to buy medicines. We live in a country where many are not so privileged. How blessed we are!
Well an extra morning at home means that I can try and get organised for my literacy course a bit earlier . I am looking after Karlyn and Jonathan for Nadia (since I am home anyway), though, so she can do the Bible Study without worry about looking after them, but they’re happy kids so it will be fine. Anyway, if I don’t get it done today there is always tomorrow!!
The Bible Study/fellowship evenings are starting again in the churches this week. Andrew hopes to lead the Tuesday afternoon/evening one in Kamkumung and the Thursday night one in Tent Siti. The Tuesday one is at 5pm so if I can be organised I hope to go along with the kids most weeks, which is what I did last year and I really enjoyed it (although today I will have to give it a miss because of sick kids).
Anyway, I started this a while ago (and was interrupted many times in the process!) and need to get on with something else… Have a good day and God bless you wherever you are in this big wide world of His!


Anonymous said...

oh nat, never a dull moment hey. hope the kids pick up again soon with the help of antibiotics. all the best with your preparations for the course and hope you have another fruitful session.

Anonymous said...

We hope that Kirilee and Shiana pick up soon. Have a blessed week.
love, denise

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie & family. I just recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading about your everyday life adventures!

It is wonderful that you are teaching women how to read and write. What an exciting venture. May God bless you in this venue.

I showed my daughter Kelsie a picture of Shiana on your blog and she did not recognize her at first.(shows you how much kids do change) Kelsie would like to say "hi" to Shiana.

I pray that your girls will feel better soon.
Take care,
Wilma VanderVeen