Sunday, March 23, 2008


Firstly, we hope and pray that your Easter was a blessed one and that the knowledge of Christ’s death and resurrection may comfort and strengthen you, whatever your circumstances. Here in Lae we celebrated Easter too. We had a large combined service in Kamkumung with all the Biwat, Tent Siti and Kamkumung members. We enjoyed a time of fellowship with some refreshments after the service too. Sister Ruth Bouway (wife of Pastor Bouway) is currently here from Ekoro, visiting her children. She is an amazing woman. She made 10kg of flour into donuts. I spoke to her again today about it and she told me that she (along with some other family members) worked from early Thursday evening till 3:30am on Good Friday, then slept for a few hours before continuing the work. She is a very giving person in this way and we have benefitted many times from her abilities and tireless efforts. A true blessing. We had a wonderful Friday and a wonderful Sunday too, worshiping with God’s people here. Andrew was supposed to be preaching this Sunday but due to his eye injury was unable to prepare a sermon. His eye does continue to get better, for which we are thankful, though his vision through that eye is cloudy and blurry still, which does put some extra strain on his good eye. We hope and pray it will continue to heal and heal completely.
Julie, the lady who helps me in our house sometimes, had planned to come to church on Good Friday, but she lives out at 4 mile so must take a bus to come in to church. She never made it to church and she calmly told me the reason why. She was waiting at the 4 mile bus stop when a man and his wife were seen having an argument. The lady was sitting on the ground as she was selling produce at the market located there. Anyway, apparently as she sat there her husband, in a fit of rage, grabbed a whole coconut and broke it with full force on the base of her neck (back) which made her fall back and killed her instantly. Just like that. In the open, in front of a crowd of many people. It happened so quickly. Then a huge fight broke out between the members of the woman’s family and the man’s family, so Julie hurried back home to get away from the fight, unwillingly to be caught up in it. The man has since been locked up by the police, and Julie assured me that this was for his own good, because if the police hadn’t locked him up he would have been killed by now in retaliation. How I love having Julie around, not just for her fantastic help in the house, but she is the one I often turn to when I want to understand a cultural incident. She is the one I often turn to when I need to ask how I should approach a certain incident or deal with a certain cultural problem. And her stories that keep on coming continue to make us understand and know more fully the lives of the people we are ministering too.

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