Monday, March 24, 2008

chilli adventures

Kirilee and Shiana had a sleepover night last night. Shiana went to sleep at her friend's house and Kirilee's friend came here (they are daughters from the SIL family looking after the Lae guesthouse at the moment). They had a really fun night, but at our house the fun really started this morning - not!! They were up nice and early and by the time we came downstairs were outside playing. They were pulling off leaves and bits of plants and I knew they had pulled of a few small chillies too (we have a chilli plant in our garden). However, the girls have often played with them before just for a bit and never had a problem. The problem this time was that they decided to pull all the chillies appart and squish them and squash them and put them in water and make soup which they soaked their hands in as they mixed it. Well we were unaware as we sat inside of what was going on until Kirilee's friend came running inside saying her mouth was burning. I washed it and gave her some milk, but then she touched her eye and that started stinging. Then Kirilee came in screaming and it was full on after that. In the end their hands burned and burned and burned because they had been exposed to the chillies the longest. The rash and stinging on the faces only lasted about half an hour but the hands were just killing the girls. Kirilee was hysterical half the time, her friend was crying - boy were we a miserable sight. I went online madly looking for remedies. The we tried them all - I rubbed their hands in salt and then let them soothe them in cold yoghurt. This did the trick for Kirilee's friend, and after a couple of hours she could relax and smile again. Not so for Kirilee though - her hands burnt and burnt until about 3:30 this afternoon (though getting slowly better all the while, with burts of yelling). We tried everthing from Bicarb-soda, to yoghurt, to milk, to alcohol...but in the end I think it was time that cured it. Well, we all were well enough to go on our scheduled visit to the family at the guesthouse for dinner and we had a good night. Guess the girls learnt a valuable lesson: Don't play with's a lot like playing with fire!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear Nat. Sounds like some adventure....not!! I'll share this with our kids. I never knew chilli burnt that badly. Imagine if they had eaten the "soup"

david santos said...

Hello, Andrew!
Thanks for your posting and have a good week.
Good luck.

HH said...

Ouch...poor things. My eyes are watering just thinking about it. I'm sure she won't go near that plant for a loooong time.

Erica Swarts said...

Hi Natalie, Just came across your blog (coz i've started one as well now)! It's such a great way to keep people informed. It's been really really interesting reading - poor kids - Sometimes when i cut up chillies and accidentally just rub my eyes - it hurts - but I have never ever had it burn on my skin - ouch - bet they won't go anywhere near those plants for a long long time! Luv, Erica xx

reyt said...

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