Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another day, another srtory

Well, the older two girls are out visiting this morning. At the moment there is a young SIL family looking after the Lae SIL guesthouse. The are usually Bible translators in a village but are doing this job for a few months now while the usual managers are in Australia on furlough. Anyway, the nice thing is that they have two older girls, one Kirilee's age and the other Shiana's age. They get on really well together, so this morning they were invited over there to play for the day. Andrew is out at a meeting, and I am home with Ashlyn. So while she is busy playing I thought I would quickly blog since this computer is online anyway while I try and update our Norton!

In the last blog I wrote that Andrew was at a school meeting. He came home soon after and had heard at the school meeting that a small group of school teachers from the school were threatened by a gang of knife-wielding boys/men. Apparently the teacher who was shot a week or so ago was with them and was a bit shaken up again by this second incident in a few weeks. The attack occured outside a supermarket where I shop every week, but I gathered they were walking there and apparently no one was injured - I think it was broken up by others (maybe the security guards???). It was wonderful that noone was injured but it still is unsettling for those involved. I remember Kirilee saying something wonderful in relation to crime once. I think we were pulling up to a store and she noticed that there were no security guards out the front. She commented that this was not very good and safe (there are usually security guards outside most stores) but then hurriedly added something like, "but that's okay, Mum, because we've got the Lord and he's the best security guard." Don't kids just say things in complete faith...oh, to be more childlike in faith!!

Anyway, it's time to get going. My Norton has finished updating and I still need to prepare a few things as this afternoon Nadia and I are getting together with some church members to "train" some of them to teach Sunday School...

Must go....


Anonymous said...

Just read your blog. We love reading them, keep it up. Hope to hear from you before we go away. The others are all coming up for tea tomorrow night, we'll miss you. It is unsettling all these security threats, we pray for safety for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Nice to read the last few updates again.
Wonderful how so many could join the church through profession of faith, i thought i spotted you in Ian & Nadia's picture!
May you all continue to live safe and with the sure reliance of our good God, where ever you are He watches over all your families, and those who come to bring the Gospel of Hope. TFS
H&J Jongeling