Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thunder Storms and school

Last night as we were trying to sleep, the rain pounded down (and this is the dry season!). Thunder and lightning crashed and flashed all around us. We rushed around to unplug the phone lines and computers and all electrical goods. They are all already on surge protectors (due to the often broken power supply here in Lae), but at this time of the year the thunder storms come every other night so we are ever vigilant. They strike right on our houses from time to time and have been know to wreak much damage in the process to all electrical goods. And then there is the rain. Our house is just down from a huge drain which passes through our compound, allowing water to gush through from the mountain behind us when the tropical rains fall down. Sometimes, however, when there is a huge downpour the drain gets blocked and it overflows. Then our front porch becomes a raging torrent and we have had it come inside before. So when the heavy rain comes down we gather shoes and other things from our porch putting them inside, we try and plug the gap under our outside door with towels, and we remove any electrical cords/items from the floor downstairs. So down came the rain, we gathered our things in and then lay in bed. As we are dosing off we jump to the sound of a loud grating noise. That means they are opening the drain gate (between our block and the next - the gate is there for security to prevent people coming in through the drain) trying to let debri go through so it will not block. We both turn in our beds and peek behind us out the window as our bedroom overlooks the drain. We watch as it rises and rises. It is blocked but thankfully as it does the rain subsides. Just when it is about to overflow and make a huge mess, the gardener manages to pull the last remaining debri away and unblock the drain. We sigh in relief...at least there will be no mopping up for us tonight!!! When it's thundering and lightning and pelting with rain it feels like we are given a glimpse of our All-powerful God...and to think He is way more powerful yet!

We had an information/parents evening at the school tonight. It was great to talk to the girl's teachers and to look in their classrooms. So far we are very impressed with the school and the teachers and the girls appear to be settling in very well. Shiana was not at school today. Since Saturday she has been running a fever and been unwell, but seemed to be picking up a lot today, so we are thankful for that!

Anyway, I will keep it short today....till next time...goodnight!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had a fair bit of rain this season. Last time I spoke to you, you had to turn the speaker up because of the rain.
We hope and pray Shiana gets better soon. Give the girls a cuddle from us.
love, denise

Anonymous said...

Glad the drain didn't wreak havoc and have you mopping up all night. The last thing you'd want is flooding in the house in the middle of the night. Hope Shiana feels better soon and that her fever subsides.
Love HH

Kevin & Amy said...

Hi Andrew and Natalie! I just found your blog through HH's. It is a "small" world we live in, isn't it? So glad I'll be able to catch up on your lives in Lae now! That sure is some crazy weather you're having! Must make for some very humid days afterward. Glad you are all staying safe. Take care;)