Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a shooting

Just when I think another day has gone by and I have nothing of interest to write about, something always happens...mmm. Actually I just came from my fridge to take a piece of chocolate (Andrew found these bars marked down as a clearance item, as they are past their used-by date) in Foodmart a week ago so we actually have have some chocolate in the house - yay!! Anyway, I went to get a small piece and found a large piece which had teeth marks and had been chewed all the way around...guess Ashlyn has been "shopping" in the fridge. She's such as ratbag. The other day I found her downstairs eating a small packed of chips. I had wondered what the "pop" was which I heard from upstairs, but after coming downstairs I realised she had managed to pop open her chips - guess she learnt that from her big sisters.

Anyway, back to the story. Not a very nice one. The girls came home from school today to say that one of the teachers had been shot and was in hospital. They got a note home from school explaining. The victim is an ex-pat, an Australian man. He is the grade 5 teacher but he takes Kirilee's class (grade four) for English and some other subjects. Well, the note from school revealed that Mr Dixon was a victim of an attempted robbery at his house. In the process he was shot in the upper left-side of his chest (thankfully not his heart!). He is in serioius condition but with treatment is expected to make a full recovery...

This brings home to us once again the dangers in the country we live in (although we do realise things like this happen all around the world...however, it is just more common here!). The girls were a bit more scared than usually this afternoon and tonight, but we talked about it all and reminded eachother that our lives are in God's hands. He is in control...We can't reassure the girls that nothing will ever happen to us, but we do reassure them (and ourselves), that whatever happens will always be in God's control and that it will always work for our good (Rom 8).

Meanwhile, the teacher will be out of action for a while, so the school is trying to make do with the staff they have, and the principal is filling in quite a bit too!

Today I made four large apple cakes. Why four do you ask? Well, I never make apple cake usually as the pie apples I use are very expensive. But this week I found a huge bulk tin of them which worked out a lot cheaper than the single tins (okay not cheap compared to in Australia, but cheap and reasonable for here!)...but then I had to make four apple cakes. But now they are all in the freezer so I'm happy


Steph said...

I hope you and your girls are able to relax and not worry too much. I must say I wouldn't be all that calm after a reminder like that. It's so wonderful that we can put our trust in the Lord, but sometimes it's so hard to make our human heart and mind agree.

I was wondering if I could get your e-mail address. You can e-mail it to me at robnstephfamily@gmail.com. I think Marietta would enjoy to write/e-mail with Shiana, but I wanted to check first if that was okay with you before I mention it to her ... not sure how much computer time Shiana gets.

Another blog hint is that many people love to write/comment but do not like to leave comments on a blog for all to read. This is why we have an e-mail address for each of our blogs. It allows people to communicate in whichever form they like best. We make sure it's a hotmail/yahoo/gmail address (and not our main one) so that should we run into any problems (seeing as it's there for all to read and see) we can just get rid of the account.

Anyways, that's all for today. Hope all is well there.

Anonymous said...

Quite a shock for the girls, I'm sure, to be faced with a story like that so close to home. At a very young age they are learning about trust in the Lord, faced with these situations. We pray that God will keep you all safe as you spread the good news to those around you.

adrian said...

I posted some comments but am not sure they got through.
It is wonderful to read your experences from day to day. Some experiences you could have done without. It brings home to us how blessed we are and shame us that we take it for granted. Thanks for the beautiful photos.
We wish you God's indepenseble blessing in your work and family.Adrian Slobe

Anonymous said...

Wonderful you take the time to blog a post. Your family and friends do love to hear how life is going for your family. And we start reading and we think, oh that's so funny and in the next breath we too are saddened with the shocks and happenings of life so near to you. Continue to be encouraged that you are entrusted into God's care. Put all your cares before Him and He will soften your minds and hearts. Take care, remembering you are in the thoughts and prayers of many.
Regards Hilbert & Jen

david santos said...

Thanks for your posting and have a good luck