Sunday, February 24, 2008

Profession of Faith

What a beautiful, blessed Sunday!! We were allowed to witness the Profession of Faith of 12 new confessing members to our Reformed Churches here in PNG, as well as welcoming 9 of their children too! It was so wonderful to see in these people evidence of God's grace. He calls His children to himself without them deserving it at all. He is a wonderful, Faithful Father. In this joy and knowledge we could celbrate this festive day! All glory to Him.
Ashlyn enjoying the celebratory cake!
Some of the new members

Some of the kids finishing off the icing from the cake left in the boxes


Anonymous said...

Thankful you could witness and celebrate such a rich Sunday.
Those children are sure having a good time with that icing!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Sunday! Thank you for sharing that story with us! I enjoyed looking at your blog page.