Saturday, February 9, 2008

A new blogger and a New School

Well, we have finally succumbed to the world of blogging! For a number of years now I have enjoyed reading other people's blogs... and finally have decided to give it a go for ourselves.

Here we are back in Lae. As I sit the rain drips down, and yet I sweat! The constant drip, drip outside means I should really pull the washing back inside as it has the girl's school uniforms on it, which need to be dry by Monday!
Speaking of school uniforms...the girls began school on Monday at a new school. This is an international school, which has international standards of education. So far we have been impressed, but time will tell if we feel it is the best for our children. One heartening thing was that on the first day we met some other missionary families who send their children to this school and the great thing is that Shiana has one of them in her class! We met two families from the EBC Mission whose children are at this school and they both seemed like wonderful families. We hope to go and visit them some time and get to know them better. The girls have both enjoyed their first week, which has been a real answer to prayers. Kirilee and Shiana have both been at 4 different schools and they are only in grade 4 and 2 respectively, so it has been quite unsettling for them. However, God is good and they have coped well! The first things which the girls commented about at this school is that the teachers control the classes a whole lot better than at their old school, that the students can sit quietly and listen. And the other wonderful thing is that the get "home readers" (just like in Australia) and Kirilee got to paint in Art in the first week of school! Anyway they were pretty excited about all this!

Here's a photo of them in their school uniforms...

And our little Ashlyn went to "school" for a morning too! We are trying to get her to be happy to go to this playgroup centre for one morning every week. Her first time was this past Thursday, and though she cried for the first half hour on and off (even though she really wanted to is so hard to be brave!!), she really enjoyed it after that. She got to paint and sing and swim too! Why are we putting our 2 1/2 year-old in a playgroup you ask?? It's a good question! Not because I don't want her at home with me that's for sure... when she was gone last week I did nothing but mope about wanting her back home! The reason is two-fold. Because we are here in Lae she does not have a great deal of interaction with other kids her age...the social contact will do her good. Secondly, this year I (Natalie) am running a literacy course on Thursday mornings to teach some of our sisters (and maybe brothers) here to read and write in Tok Pisin (some cannot even write their own name!). So we thought we could kill two birds with one stone. If it really doesn't work out at the school (that is, if she does not get used to it and really hates going), then Nadia will babysit some of the time for me and Andrew will need to take time out of his daily schedule to do the same some of the time.

Anyway, here is a pic of Ashlyn going to "school"...

Well that's about long enough for this post. I feel like I have tonnes of catching up to do...maybe I will tell you another story later on today. This post was all about our will read something of the work we do here later on too... but the two kind of go hand-in-hand!

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