Saturday, February 16, 2008


I noticed yesterday that Ashlyn was pretty grumpy, but put it down to tiredness… however, she got up this morning and was crying all the time, would not walk because of pain at the very top of her legs, had a fairly high fever, and a tiny sore on her leg had a fiery red patch about 10cm in diameter around it. So….I figured out her infected sore had spread and was making her very sick. It happened so quickly. True, the sore had been there for a while. She got a couple of mossie bites when we first got back here and she scratched them open and they got a bit infected. But I had faithfully put antibiotic cream on them, kept them clean and put bandaids on to keep the flies out when outside. I had been so faithful because we know from experience how quickly the sores get infected in this tropical climate with an abundance of sore-digging flies! And the funny thing is the sores had been looking so much better the last few days too…
Anyway, I took her straight to the doctor this morning and she felt her tender, swollen lymph nodes, felt her fever and saw her fiery red patch around her saw, and came to the same conclusion. So Ashlyn got an injection to kick start the working of the antibiotics and now she has oral antibiotics too. It seems that the injection must have worked as her fever has subsided and she will walk quite normally now and is not complaining about pain in her legs anymore. However, the patch around her sore has got bigger and redder as the day has worn on, so we pray it may really improve over the next day or so…if not I guess we will be back to the doc on Monday.
Before the day began in this way we had planned to go out to 6-mile to go to the farm store there and to the book store as Andrew needed to buy some Bibles. We also hoped to visit the family who has a daughter in Shiana’s class (they are with EBC mission which originates in Switzerland). Well, later on in the morning we decided to still go as I gave Ashlyn Ibuprofen (neurofen) and she was doing pretty well on that (ah, the wonders of medicine…). So Shiana was so happy. We visited with the family for about an hour and Shiana and her friend just had so much fun playing outside. Kirilee was kept happy because the family has a three-month old baby and we had a lovely visit. We hope to visit with them again some time soon. It is so nice for Shiana to have another Christian girl in her class, and the family said a few times how happy they were that Shiana was in the class with their daughter, too. It’s also nice for us to have some contact with other “Westerners” who are Christians!
Then Andrew spent a few hours in Tent Siti in the afternoon doing some work on the church building. He didn’t come home till just before dark, we had dinner. I just decide to do this while the kids were in the bath, but now it is time to get them all in bed… goodnight all!

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Anonymous said...

We pray the infection will clear up soon with the help of those antibiotics. How's her fever? You are all remembered in our prayers. Nice you could visit with that other family, glad the girls enjoyed it too.