Thursday, February 28, 2008

another day

Another literacy class has passed and once again I/we had a great time. Three more ladies came this time, two of them who also did not even know how to write/spell their own name. It was so much fun to teach and to watch them learn, especially those who have never learnt a single thing about reading and writing before – they are the most exciting to watch. We worked from 9am -12 – 3 hours straight without a break. We have lots to get through each lesson, especially because some of the ladies need to go very slowly to get things properly. I ask them if they need to stop or finish early but they just want to go and go…may the enthusiasm be permanent! Another great development in the literacy course is that one of the ladies who comes each week to observe and to help me (she is able to read and write well already and is fairly well educated), is now going to teach another lady who wanted to join us but was unable because she has two very young children which make it impossible for her to come along to the class and learn effectively. I was trying to sleep the other night and suddenly I thought that maybe we could solve the problem by getting this lady taught by someone else in her community (namely the lady who is helping me with the course). So I approached them both and they were both very excited to do it. The lady who will be teaching her will basically follow the lesson I teach each week and will come to see me if she has any questions/problems. We’ll see how this works…
And more excitement….today was the first day that I dropped Ashlyn off at her “playgroup” (I drop her off there on Thursday mornings each week so that she has some social interaction with other children her age and I get to teach the literacy course in “peace”) without her crying one single bit. Last week she still screamed and yelled and clung to me when I needed to leave, but this time, although she was far from enthusiastic to go, she went without crying!!! And she really enjoys herself while she is there…she is always full of stories when she gets back home. When Kirilee and Shiana came home from school this afternoon she went running outside yelling at the top of her voice ,“Shiana, Shiana no my didn’t cry my go my school!” She was just so proud of herself!
Shiana is also back to good health again! She has a low appetite still, but for the rest is doing great for which we are very thankful! Fevers in this country are always more stressful, because malaria is always on the back of your mind.
The teacher who got shot is already back at school. We saw him the other day and it obvious he is still in pain, but he is doing well. He told Kirilee’s class his story, and apparently he was cornered against the fence of his property when he was shot – apparently he was outside his house when it occurred, though inside his property. I got the impression that they were trying to get his keys to be able to get into his house…anyway, in the process he was shot, but now is doing much better which is wonderful.
Andrew is at an annual general meeting of the school at the moment, the girls are doing some crafts at the table (Ashlyn is trying her hardest to copy her sisters), so I thought I would blog…have a great night all and God bless.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand it that there aren't any comments to this posting, so will just say how very much we enjoy the detailed news. God bless you all. We continue to pray for your strength and protection.
Dad & Mum (Tassie)

Anonymous said...

That's great that they are also interested in teaching each other. Hope the enthusiasm lasts. Great that Ashlyn is settling down in playgroup and Shiana is feeling better, much to be thankful for.
Love from us

Anonymous said...

Glad the class is going well, Nat. Won't it be awesome to see the results of these women reading and writing by the time you've finished with've just started I know..I'm jumping ahead. Glad Ashlyn is enjoying her playgroup, must take a load off your mind.
Take care,